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The mission of the Go for Yours is to develop the next generation of leaders (ages
13-21) and provide them with guidance, resources and financial support to pursue their


Our vision is to provide programs and services that will help eliminate the opportunity gap in
the United States.

Opportunity Gap

According to the Schott Foundation on Public Education, U.S. Department of Education data
reveals that the opportunity gap is the greatest crisis facing America’s urban youth. When an
opportunity gap is present, there is an unequal amount of resources available for young people
living and attending schools in low-income neighborhoods.

The Go for Yours Foundation was created to help close the opportunity gap for talented youth
across the United States who are being isolated from resources that will prepare them for
personal and professional success. It is difficult for a child to succeed when they are being
affected by the disparity in access to quality schools and other resources. The Schott
Foundation suggests, that “if we close the opportunity gap, we can close the achievement gap.”