Thank you to everyone who joined in on our Friendsgiving campaign. With your help we were able to begin fundraising for the 2020 Dream Experience. Visit our foundation's site to learn how you can get involved. 


What started out as a book has turned into a brand that has changed the lives of many people from all walks of life. 2019 has been an adventurous ride, and we are looking forward to what's in store for Go for Yours in the new decade. 

With Go for Yours Foundation headed in the right direction, stay tuned for our forthcoming projects which include Erika McCall's next book, Don't Wait, Create.  In this life-changing book, the entrepreneur and author explains why waiting for an opportunity can be detrimental to your life. Don't Wait, Create challenges you to begin the life you've been dreaming of. Erika provides practical steps that lead to rare opportunities. Be on the lookout for the release date. 


Creative Consulting.

Following your dreams isn't just for young people. All of us were created with purpose and intention. The same knowledge and resources we share with our students are helpful for Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Creators. We want to help put your ideas into action.