Tips to Stay Organized in College

Even the most intelligent person in the world can suffer from a low grade. More often than not, it’s because they were disorganized. However, if they had just been more organized, they very well could have aced that test. 

But how do you stay organized in college?

At the very least, getting organized will dramatically reduce your stress levels. College can be stressful enough as it is. There’s no reason to make it harder on yourself. 

Having less stress leads to overall better health and mindset and enjoys life a little more. 

However, being organized won’t automatically improve your grade. It will allow you more time to take proper notes, study, and focus on lessons. 

Here are some tips for staying organized in college. 

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Pick a Sleep Schedule and Stick To It

Up to 60% of college students suffer from poor sleep quality. This is a massive concern because many health problems are linked with poor sleep. After all, getting adequate sleep is critical to your well being making a sleep schedule and stick to it.

Tips To Improve Your Sleep Routine

Know Your Chronotype. Every person’s biological clock runs differently. Understanding how your body works can help you to get a better night’s sleep. 

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol. Avoiding stimulants like caffeine before going to bed can help you fall asleep on time to ensure that you get the proper amount of sleep. 

Have A Compfortable Tempature. The ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Relax. Set aside time every night and avoid electronics and allow yourself to decompress before you go to sleep. 

Get Comfortable Keeping a Regular Calendar

Having a calendar might be the most important way to stay organized in college. Calendars allow you to map out your appointments, due dates and allow you to clear up brainpower. 

Post-it notes can only help you so long. They are convenient to jot down important dates or details. However, it doesn’t help to keep things organized. Calendars allow you to set reminders and have a visual overview of your entire schedule. 

Google Calendar is a great option, but whatever calendar you use can help you to stay organized. Even paper planners can be helpful as long as you use them effectively. 

Here are some things your calendar should include:

  • Class times
  • Important due dates like tests or birthdays
  • Exercise times 
  • Meetings with professors
  • Meeting times for clubs 
  • Move-in/move-out dates
  • Your work schedule
  • Payment due dates 

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Keep the Snooze Button Far Away

While it may be tempting to hit your snooze button when your alarm goes off, sticking to your set sleep schedule can help ensure that you are tired when the time comes to go to sleep. 

Sticking to your alarm can help you to avoid missing classes. By keeping your alarm away from you can ensure that you get up to turn it off. If you’re prone to playing on your phone before bed, you may want to have a second alarm on the table across from you. 

Keeping to your sleep schedule and keeping your alarm away from you is a great tool to help you stay organized in college. Furthermore, make sure that your alarm is something that actually wakes you up. Nothing is worse than being late because you were rocking out to your alarm. 

Use Dividers, Folders, and Labels

Staying organized is a great way to reduce clutter and save yourself time. When things are disorganized, you waste time digging through sticky notes or other scraps of paper to find a specific piece of paper. 

Being organized can help make college more enjoyable because you aren’t rushing around to find whatever you are looking for. Using colorful folders, dividers, and labels can help you to stay organized. 

Using a single color combination per class or topic can help to mark everything that goes with that class. Making it easy to have everything you need. Having a binder is also a great way to keep track of past tests and have your study material ready. 

These organizational skills can also be helpful when it comes to digital files as well—keeping folders for notes, images, and other necessary parts. Also, make sure that you are properly naming files so that they are accessible when you need to look for them. 

Sometimes you can even color code these items for an easy visual reference. 

Skip The Occasional Day

Take time for self-care, and feel free to take a day off. When you are balancing classes and a job, it can be very stressful. By staying organized, you can afford to take off a day once in a while. 

Having well-organized notes can lead to easier studying. Furthermore, students can often request notes or transcripts from the missed day. 

Being organized can help ensure that you have everything together to recover the missed time quickly when you take a day off. 

Organization skills can help you make college easier, but they can also help you ensure that you get the things you want to do, done.

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Stay Organized Now for a Better Future

Being organized can help you make the most out of your college experience. Here are just a few key takeaways about how to stay organized throughout college. 

  • Use a calendar like Google Calendar to keep every event organized in one easy-to-view place.
  • Keep notes in clearly labeled digital folders. 
  • Color code all physical documents for easy reference. 
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Keep a sleep schedule. 

Having a system that works for you is the key to a successful organization in college. It allows you to focus on the things that you actually want to get done rather than waste time shuffling through disorganized clutter. 

Taking a small amount of time each week to help plan out what you hope to accomplish the following week is a great way to get started on organizing throughout college.

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