The Dream Experience

September 2018 - july 2019

The Dream Experience is a training and development program for the next generation of leaders. The youth selected are committed to developing their abilities and are in immediate need of the support and resources to succeed. 

The experience

Geared towards young people ages 15-21, participants (Dreamers) will begin a 10-month online program followed by a trip to Los Angeles, California, the "City of Dreams".  They will receive one-on-one group training to develop the skills associated with their talent and interests. In Los Angeles, time will be spent between leadership development workshops, enrichment activities, and interacting with peers, mentors (dream leaders) and instructors.

Dream showcase

The week in Los Angeles concludes with talent showcase and reception. Dreamers will share their talent and/or discuss their dream with members of the community and supporters of Go For Yours. Each dreamer will receive positive feedback on how to strengthen their talent and support to continue following their dreams beyond the training and development program.

our Dreamers

We inspire the next generation of leaders to tap into their passions and address world issues. Go For Yours has identified Dreamers across the United Stated to participate in our founding class.