Go for Yours is an online  community for young creators, trailblazers, and  entrepreneurs who are clever, original, and inventive. We provide support for overlooked and undervalued GENIUSES.


Go for Yours started out as a book featuring stories about young people who overcame obstacles on the path to following their dreams and achieving their goals. Readers are introduced to stories like Jerome Boykin, who, at the age of 23, started a million-dollar parking lot cleaning business after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina.

While promoting the message of Go for Yours to various students across the country, Erika noticed a difference between underprivileged youth and their more privileged peers. Both were equally talented, but one group lacked the resources they needed to become the best people they were born to be. This prompted Erika to start the Go for Yours Foundation as a tool to educate, empower, and provide opportunities and resources to young people in need of support.

Student Spotlight

Stanley Harris is a student Jackson state University with a Major in Computer Science. His goal is to become a Content Creator and a reformer in Black Communities that need help. Stanley Participated in the Go For Yours Experience in 2019 and in a 2020 recipient of the Go For Yours Fund. Stanely is looking forward to serving as a Brand Ambassadors by helping create a Go For Your Registered Student Organization .


As a mentor or volunteer, you have the potential to have a positive impact on the next generation. Go for Yours has a variety of volunteer opportunities.


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